Interactive Fun

Interactive Fun


20 ft. Rockwall Obstacle with Dual Slide

What better way to get the blood flowing and the adrenaline pumping than the 20 ft. Rockwall Obstacle with Dual Slide! Squeeze through tunnels, jump over barriers, slip underneath bars, and push your way past any obstacle that comes your way while trying to move as fast as possible up the rock wall and down the huge slides! It is a great option for any event that wants to get people moving and while having lots of competitive fun. Great for schools, churches, HOAs, and all events!

63 ft. Palace Obstacle Course

What better way to get the blood flowing and the adrenaline pumping than a 63 ft. Palace Obstacle Course?! Squeeze through tunnels, jump over barriers, slip underneath bars, and push your way past any obstacle that comes your way while trying to move as fast as possible! Jump in the full-size bouncer after getting through the course then climb up the dual ladders, down the dual slides, into the pool! The 63 FT Palace Obstacle Course is a great option for your next birthday party, school, church, or HOA event!

Carnival Games

Carnival games are perfect for that WOW factor at your next event! It has 6 different sections that include basketball toss, ring toss, tic-tac-toe, saloon shooting/ball game, magic ball toss, and shuffle ball! It will keep the kids entertained at your next school, church, or HOA event!

Easter Egg Chair

This unique Easter Egg Chair will be the hit at your next Spring event. It's great for the Easter bunny and photo ops. This is a high-demand Easter chair that always delivers! Book it now before it's gone!

Inflatable Bunkers

Inflatable Bunkers are a great interactive game for your next event. Set up the bunkers and the fun begins! You can use water blasters to cool off during the hotter months or Nerf guns during the cooler months. Great for team building, churches, and HOA events. Up to 12 Nerf guns or water guns are provided for your event!

4 Person Bungee Trampoline

This is the ultimate attraction for your next event! Move the lines faster with this four-person bungee trampoline. Participants will enjoy jumping high into the sky! You can hire our attendants to operate it. Great fun for all ages! This will be the hit at your next church, school, corporate, or HOA event!

Super Snow Globe

What makes our snow globe different, better, and unique?

  • First, it's bigger than most of our competitors so that you can fit 12-14 people with no problem! It's big! We can fit a 7' tree and a 7' snowman plus several people!
  • It has a holding chamber to get more people in/out of the snow globe
  • In the holding chamber, it has a safety pole so that if deflates for any reason, then it will keep the unit up in a cone shape. This will allow people to exit slowly and safely. This is a great feature for big events. Most of the competitors don't have this unique safety feature which increases your liability if you lose power.
  • We have fake snow inside! Our unit does not have an inflatable bouncy floor. It has a metal base and plywood flooring covered in vinyl and air vents that allow the snow inside to move around just like an actual snow globe!

It's great for HOAs, churches, Company Functions, schools and so much more! You can use it with Santa inside and/or just let the kids play in the fake snow and capture the fun with pictures!

150 ft. Toxic Monster

Wow!!! 150' of pure fun! This is the biggest and most extreme obstacle course in the Houston area! It will be the center of attention at any event! This unit has 2 small slides, 2 big slides, several obstacles, tunnels, and pop-ups! Let's see if you can get through this without stopping. This is great for adults and kids alike. It's great for team-building, schools, HOAs, and any event where you want to WOW people.

Trackless Train

The Trackless Train Express provides the ultimate experience for your next party or event! The trackless train was built with attention to detail in making it life like! The locomotive has it all! It has a PA system, train bell, front light, train whistle that mimics an actual train, and fake smoke that comes out of the locomotive chimney! It also has three color carts that can fit up to 4 adults each or 6 children. It can carry up to 18 passengers at a time and we provide the conductor! Great for train themed parties, HOA events, corporate events, schools, churches, fundraisers, and much more! There's also an option to decorate it for special events like fall festivals and Christmas/Winter Festivals with Christmas lights and holiday music! All Aboard!

Trackless Train Rental Rate: $450 for 2 hours and $150 each additional hour.

126' Toxic Crush

Wow! 126 feet of pure fun! The Toxic Crush is a dual-lane obstacle course that will challenge anyone from small kids to adults. It has tunnels, pop-ups, slides, and obstacles, and finishes down a giant dual-lane slide! It's great for corporate events, team building, schools, churches, HOAs, or anyone looking to have fun! Don't have enough room for this giant 126 ft. Obstacle Course? No problem, we can put the obstacles on the sides and the slide down the middle so that you can still enjoy this unique course which will measure 45 ft. L x 32 ft. W x 19 ft. H.

Antari S-500 Snow Machine with pan motor

The new Antari S-500™ is a large capacity “Silent” operation DMX controllable snow machine. Watch the kids enjoy the snowflakes as they fall to the ground and dissolve. Yes, with the snow machine snowflakes will fall in the Houston area whenever you like! It's a great hit at tree lightings, community/HOA events, churches, schools, and the backyard! This snow machine has a pan motor that will turn the nozzle head like a fan to allow more coverage area.

The Rugged Warrior Obstacle Course

This is no ordinary inflatable obstacle course; this is the Rugged Warrior Challenge! It features two large side-by-side corkscrews tunnels that would-be warriors must climb through to advance to the next challenge. The A-frame unit has two red balls hanging from the inflatable A-frame structure that you must navigate through or use to knock your opponent over. Challengers must jump or swing across on the ball and rope or risk falling into the inflatable moat, which can be filled with water, foam, or ball-pit balls. Rugged warriors who make it past the first two obstacles then face the leap of courage. To tackle this challenge, you must climb to the top of the jump tower and leap (if you dare!) into the Zero Shock free-fall airbag below with the patented Zero Shock technology, which features a series of inflated ‘fingers’ which safely cushion the daring free fall. The rope climb is a boot-camp style rope climbing net which warriors must scale before sliding down to the end. The final challenge is a steep cliff that rugged warriors must climb up and over using handles that go up the vertical sides of the inflatable.

85' Bootcamp Challenge

Get ready for combat as you challenge your opponent to the ultimate Boot Camp Challenge! What tactics will you use when you jump through your first hole and squeeze through the inflated pillars only to be met up with hedgehogs? You better have the upper body strength to grab the rope and swing to the other side, or whoops… you’ll fall in the pit! As you go through the vertical pillars, watch out… Lazer Beams! Are you tired yet? You still must face another obstacle before climbing your way to the top and sliding 20′ to victory!

The All Access Photo Booth

This Photo Booth is great for your next event. We can customize your event info to print on each photo strip. Props to make your pictures fun are available upon request. Great for school events, churches, weddings, quinceaneras, or any event!

86' Toxic Crush

The 86' Toxic Crush is the little brother of the 126' Toxic Crush, but it's still extreme and lots of fun! It has one 40 ft. obstacle section, instead of 2, and a 46 ft. obstacle/slide section. It's a great unit with obstacles, pop-ups, logs, and a dual slide! It's great for your next backyard party or a church, school, or HOA event!

The Amazing Maze

The Amazing Maze is amazing! It's our new interactive maze with digital graphics and 1400 square feet of fun! Get lost in the twist and turns and see who can come out of the maze first. It has a 11 ft. high 3D Corn entrance sure to grab everyone's attention! Great for festivals, churches, school, corporate events, team building, and so much more!.

Dimensions 11 ft. H x 40 ft. W x 35 ft. L

70 ft. Castle Obstacle Course

This is 70 ft. of pure fun! The unit keeps both lanes separate for a nicer flow of getting through the obstacle course!Squeeze through tunnels, jump over barriers, slip underneath bars, and push your way past any obstacle that comes your way while trying to move as fast as possible! Great fun for schools, churches, HOAs, or a backyard party!

Foam Pit

Foam Pit Party This is sure to be a hit at your next event! Foam! Foam! Foam! which is safe and fun! The Super E Foam machines can fill up our pit in under 3 minutes! The foam comes with no odor and is 100% organic. Yes, it’s hypoallergenic. It stains as much as regular water stains. It’s as slippery as regular water is and comes with a huge 20 x 20 foam pit!!

Dimensions: 8 ft. H X 20 ft. W x 20 ft. L

Enough powder foam packs are provided for the timeframes rented

Leaps & Bounds

Have you ever wanted to try your Ninja or LeapFrog skills? Leaps & Bounds features a series of three giant inflatable balls which challengers must run or leap across from ball to ball like a frog to the other side! But don’t worry if you fall off, this floor of the pit protected by the patented super-soft Zero Shock landing mattress.

100 ft Criss Cross Course

Finally, a race track that not only protects them, but is an absolute blast for kids and adults of all ages! The Criss Cross Collision Course is a whopping 100' long and has nearly 250' of racing lane action. The game comes with 2 spheres/zorbie balls, and is filled with loads of obstacles and varied terrains. For an added splash, it has four water traps that can be filled with a couple of inches of water that add a whole new dimension, causing hydroplaning and momentum changes. The game operator as well as spectators can stand near the middle of the game and have a clear view of the players as they race to victory lane. Hours and hours of fun! Great for festivals, churches, schools, corporate events, team building, and so much more!

77 ft. Super Obstacle Course

Wow at your next event with our giant 76 ft Super Obstable Course! Enjoy the vibrant colors of the dual lane course with pop ups, logs, and a giant slide at the end. Great for team building, competition, churches, and schools.

Zorb Track

The Zorb Racetrack is the ultimate interactive unit for your next event! Two zorb balls compete against each other to see who can finish first! This unit must be set up on grass or indoors as not to damage the zorb balls. It can be used for racing zorb balls, tricycles, and so much more!

9 Hole Mini Golf

Take your golf game to the next level! It features 9 holes with different designs and levels of difficulty. Holes include ramps, tunnels, obstacles and even a motorized inflatable windmill! The 9 holes can be arranged in any order. Unlike other inflatable mini golf courses, this inflatable is designed for patrons to walk around the putting surface, preventing their movements from disturbing the ball. And since the surface is inflated, simply turning on the blower results in a smooth playing surface. Don't have enough room for all 9 holes. No problem! Ask about our 6 and 3 hole courses and prices!

All In One Sports Arena

We have the All-in-One Sports Arena that allows you to choose between football, basketball, volleyball, soccer, dodge-ball, twister, joust, and tug-of-war. This dome-shaped arena will provide hours of fun and is great for schools, churches, and team building!

Santa Chair

Give Santa the most special seat in the house with this full-sized Heinimex Fiberglass Santa Throne! Featuring a gold trim and detail, rolled arms, and a comfortable fabric cushion. There is no better Santa Chair for your next Christmas/Holiday event! It’s made of chip-resistant fiberglass and it will please Santa at his next event!

The Hippo Chow Down

Guaranteed to keep your participants and spectators laughing for hours. This is the latest 4-player bungee tug-o-war style game that involves speed, strength and agility. Object of the game: Once the referee blows the whistle, each of the 4 players starts from their back wall and races to the pond of balls in the center of the game to retrieve as many balls as possible and return them to the mesh bag at their starting wall. Once all of the balls are chow’d down, the player with the most balls in their bag wins! Great for festivals, churches, schools, corporate events, team building, and so much more!

65 ft. Mega Obstacle Course

The 65 ft. Mega Obstacle course is one of our most popular inflatables! It includes bright vibrant colors that will grab everyone's attention at your next event. It has a dual tunnel entrance with pop ups and logs throughout the course, with 2 ladders, and finishes up with a 16 ft. slide! Great obstacle for teambuilding and to compete! Who will finish this 65 ft. obstacle course first!

Dimensions : 16 ft. Ht x 11 ft. W x 65 ft. L

Human Foosball

The Human Foosball allows 5 participants on each side to try to make the soccer ball into the opponent's goal. Each person has a velcro waistband that allows limited movement. Great for schools, churches, and team building!

Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball is bold, and it's extreme! It's the Ultimate High Energy game. (4) Players climb atop their inflated pads. One of the players grabs the Wrecking Ball and hurls it at their opponent in an attempt to knock the player off of their inflated pad. As the Wrecking Ball swings back, try and grab it! The player, who grabs it first, then hurls it at another player, trying to knock that player off. The last player standing is the champion.

Colossal Combo (Dry or Wet)

The Colossal Combo is the ultimate inflatable unit for your next event! It's a mixture of an obstacle course and a combo with a dual tunnel entrance, pop ups and obstacle logs, a bouncer with a basketball goal, a dual ladder, and slide. This amazing combo is great for the backyard, schools, and churches. Rent the Colossal Combo wet for only $100 more, it is 78 ft. of water fun with an attachable arch tunnel and pool, complete with a sprinkler and waterhose! Great for those hot summer days!

Dimensions : 16 ft. Ht x 13 ft. W x 65 ft. L (Dry)

Dimensions : 16 ft. Ht x 13 ft. W x 78 ft. L (Wet)

The Slippery Slope

Two particpants compete to see who can scale the wacky-colored slope to be the first to ring the bell at the top! One will slide down the victor - the other will slide in defeat! You can adjust the bell lower for smaller kids. Are you up to the challenge of the Slippery Slope? At only 18' tall, this unit fits easily in an indoor center corner or at an outside event!

Connect 4 Basketball Game

Our Connect 4™ Basketball Game makes for fast and fun play! Simply connect four basketballs of the same color in a row either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally and you win! It features a magnetic ball release that quickly and easily releases the balls down into the ball trough - removing the need for Velcro®! It also features mesh side panels to catch any fly-away balls. This unit is perfect for carnivals and fairs, fundraisers, gymnasiums, or for anyone looking for an interactive game that is easy to set up and play!

Double Axe Throw

We are proud to introduce the definitive inflatable axe throw. Larger-than-life artwork, realistic foam axes, and a durable built-in vinyl floor make this the best inflatable axe throw, period.

Combi Sports Arena with IPS System

In this interactive unit, aim, shoot, and fire to hit the IPS targets that light up! You can use balls, bean bags, or Nerf guns to hit the targets, which will keep score and tell you who wins! Great interactive fun for any event!

Soccer Darts

The popular table game of darts comes to life in this life-size inflatable version. For an added twist, the darts are actually velcro soccer balls! Face off in this fun hybrid game to see who can score the most points by kicking the soccer ball onto the velcro inflatable dart board! The points system works just like regular Darts. For added safety, our velcro soccer balls only utilize soft loop velcro, not the rough hook side. The side walls are an additional feature that most competitors' units don't have that make sure you're not chasing soccer balls the entire event!